COVID 19 Prevention Plan - Additional Consideration #3

COVID-19 Prevention in Employer-Provided Housing

[This addendum will need to be added to your CPP if you have workers in employer-provided housing.Reference section 3205.3(a) for details.]

Assignment of housing units

We, to the extent feasible, reduce employee exposure to COVID-19 by assigning employee residents to distinct groups and ensure that each group remains separate from other such groups during transportation and work. Shared housing unit assignments are prioritized in the following order:

  • Residents who usually maintain a household together outside of work, such as family members, will be housed in the same housing unit without other persons.
  • Residents who work in the same crew or work together at the same workplace will be housed in the same housing unit without other persons.
  • Employees who do not usually maintain a common household, work crew, or workplace will be housed in the same housing unit only when no other housing alternatives are feasible.


We ensure maximization of the quantity and supply of outdoor air and increase filtration efficiency to the highest level compatible with the existing ventilation system in housing units. If there is not a MinimumEfficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 13 or higher filter in use, portable or mounted HEPA filtration units are used, where feasible, in all sleeping areas.

Face coverings

We provide face coverings to all residents and provide information to residents on when they should be used in accordance with state or local health officer orders or guidance.


We encourage residents to report COVID-19 symptoms to [Enter name of individual, position, or office].

COVID-19 testing

We establish, implement, maintain and communicate to residents’ effective policies and procedures for COVID-19 testing of residents who had a close contact. All residents will be tested should there be three or more COVID-19 cases in 14 days.
[Describe how this will be accomplished]

COVID-19 cases and close contacts


  • Effectively quarantine residents who have had close contact from all other residents. Effective quarantine includes providing residents who had a close contact with a private bathroom and sleeping area, except for COVID-19 cases who have met our return-to-work criteria and have remained asymptomatic:
    • For 90 days after the initial onset of symptoms,
    • For 90 days after the first positive test for COVID-19 cases who never developed symptoms.
  • Effectively isolate COVID-19 cases from all residents who are not COVID-19 cases. Effective isolation includes housing COVID-19 cases only with other COVID-19 cases and providing COVID-19 caseresidents with a sleeping area and bathroom that is not shared by non-COVID-19-case residents.
  • Keep confidential any personal identifying information regarding COVID-19 cases and persons withCOVID-19 symptoms, in accordance with our CPP Investigating and Responding to COVID-19 Cases.
  • End isolation in accordance with our CPP Exclusion of COVID-19 Cases and Return to WorkCriteria, and any applicable local or state health officer orders.