Appendix A: Identification of COVID-19 Hazards

All persons, regardless of symptoms or negative COVID-19 test results, will be considered potentially infectious.  Particular attention will be paid to areas where people may congregate or come in contact with one another, regardless of whether employees are performing an assigned work task or not. For example:  meetings, entrances, bathrooms, hallways, aisles, walkways, elevators, break or eating areas, cool-down areas, and waiting areas.
Evaluation of potential workplace exposure will be to all persons at the workplace or who may enter the workplace, including coworkers, employees of other entities, members of the public, customers or clients, and independent contractors. We will consider how employees and other persons enter, leave, and travel through the workplace, in addition to addressing fixed work locations.

Person conducting the evaluation: [enter name(s)]
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Name(s) of employee and authorized employee representative that participated: [enter name(s)]

Interaction, area, activity, work task, process, equipment and material that potentially exposes employees to COVID-19 hazards Places and times Potential for COVID-19 exposures and employees affected, including members of the public and employees of other employers Existing and/or additional COVID-19 prevention controls