AGSUSF Conference Funding

Apply for AGSUSF Conference Funding

AGSUSF Conference Funding allows members of the AGSUSF the resources to advance graduate student life through personal and professional development.

The total 2019–20 AGSUSF Conference Funding budget is $30,000.


Any AGSUSF member. AGSUSF means any full-time graduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, School of Management, or School of Nursing and Health Professions.

Award Limits

AGSUSF members will be allocated up to one (1) approved award per academic year not to exceed a total of $300. The award will be granted as a reimbursement for conference registration, travel (airfare or ground transportation), or lodging.


Application Deadline

In order to be eligible for funding, requests must be submitted and reviewed by the Finance Committee prior to the conference taking place.

Application Review

The Finance Committee will deliberate on all applications, which shall include a detailed budget, conference information, and a detailed description of the benefits of attending the conference.

Funding may only be approved for conferences taking place during the academic year or conference occurring over summer for non-graduating AGSUSF members. No international conferences or travel will be considered. No retroactive requests for access of this funding will be considered.

*All reimbursements will occur after attendance to conferences

2019–20 AGSUSF Funding Application

2019–20 AGSUSF Funding Report