About the Graduate Student Senate

Represent, Lead, Unify!

Mindful of our Jesuit mission, the GSS strives to meet the diverse needs of graduate students and to encourage academic, professional, and personal growth while building community.


The Graduate Student Senate will represent, lead, and unify the Associated Graduate Students of the University of San Francisco to achieve holistic personal and professional development. The Senate commits to advocating to administration of the University and serving as the student body voice in order to promote positive change in policy, programs, and services. We uphold the University's mission and respect the Jesuit values.


The Graduate Student Senate is to be recognized as the primary organization that will celebrate its constituents and listen to experiences and concerns that affect the graduate student community. Our intent is to act as the beacon of hope that will enrich the community of all graduate students.



Unify graduate students and promote engagement and service.

Cura Personalis

Commit to the holistic development of all graduate students.


Lead ethically through innovation and collaboration.

Social Justice

Represent and advocate for all graduate student needs to ensure equity.

Governing Documents