Social Justice Clubs

Join a community of students dedicated to making this world a humane and just place for all.


Corpus Clinic

Corpus Clinic works with UCSF to assist in coordinating and holding free health clinics in the St. Vincent De Paul homeless shelter. Every week, pre-med students help facilitate two general clinics, one dermatology clinic, and one women's health group meeting. Students are trained to take patients' vitals and to refer shelter residents to primary care physicians who can provide long-term care. Corpus Clinic is dedicated to bridging gaps in health care for people experiencing homelessness in the San Francisco community.

For more information, please contact Mauricio Diaz de Leon.


Food Recovery Network (FRN)

The Food Recovery Network is a student-led non-profit organization that fights food waste and hunger within the community by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste and donating it to people in need. Last semester our school's chapter recovered and donated 1,537 pounds of food!

For more information, please contact


Undocumented Migrant Association Program (UMAP)

Our mission is to serve and support students who are part of the undocumented/dacamented community by creating and fostering a safe and confidential space for them. While also connecting members with individuals that will help them navigate the realm of higher education as undocumented students.

For more information, please contact Arnoldo.