New Students



  • New Graduate Meet and Greet is a primarily social event where new graduates can engage with one another and get to know the opportunities USF had to offer. There will be resource tables for University Ministry, Koret, Student Leadership and Engagement, and Graduate Student Senate offering students a way to get involved outside their studies. This event will be held Thursday, August 15, from 5:00 to 7:30 in McLaren Center.
  • The International Student Orientation for new international grad students starting for Fall 2019 is August 16, Friday from 9 am to 1 pm in McLaren Center. This is mandatory for new international students.
  • Fall course enrollment. A typical full-time graduate course load is 9-12 units per semester. The required first-semester courses are Econ 601-1 (Graduate Microeconomics), Econ 611 (Computation), and Econ 615-1 (Mathematics for Economists). Each of these courses is three units. Please make sure to enroll in Econ 601-1 and Econ 615-1.  Econ 601-2 and Econ 615-2 are different sections targed at the students in the MS International and Development economics, so their content differs somewhat.

    Students with a solid background in computation may request to be exempted from Econ 611.  Typically this would only be students who have already taken at least two programming courses with a B grade or better, and who are familiar with both Python and SQL.

    Students with a solid mathematical background may request to be exempted from Econ 615-1. Strong mathematical background means previous coursework (receiving a B or better) in at least three college-level math courses, generally including multivariate calculus, probability theory, and linear algebra. Students who exempt from this course may find that they need to independently study some specific mathematical techniques that are required for Econ 601.

  • For students who are able to take more than 9 units of coursework, or who have been exempted from Econ 601, 611, or 615, other recommended courses are: Econ 640 (Making Markets Work) and PC 680 (Graduate Program Writing).