Additional Resources

Useful Review Materials


Ultimately, the most important part of learning math or economics is not reading or watching lectures, it's solving problems. Here is a great set of calculus problems from UC Davis.  Here are some more. If you think you know calculus, try these and see how far you can get without checking the answers.



CoreEcon. If you have never studied economics before, this open-access platform and textbook provides a fresh, innovative, and highly applied introduction to the essential principles of micro and macroeconomics you should know.

Marginal Revolution University Principles of Microeconomics.  Highly engaging video lectures, with sample problems.  Watch all the videos and do the practice problems before you arrive on campus.  Register and take the free final exam to get a certification and impress us!

  • The Economics podcasts here are also a great gentle introduction into how economists think about current policy issues and the frontiers of research and are also good English listening practice.
  • These movies and TV shows featuring economists will mostly not teach you anything about economics, but they are fun!
  • Here is a collection of news articles and other resources about Tech Economics.  Most are quite short.