Large Format Scanning Drop-In: Green Lab (Cowell G25)

For ARCD Students


content last updated 10-18-2018


You must be a student majoring or minoring in Architecture, a student currently enrolled in an Architecture course, or an Architecture instructor to use this service.

Ensure that your originals meet all of the following criteria:

  • larger than 11" x 17" and no wider than 36" / Tip: To scan originals that are 11" x 17" or smaller, lab-eligible ARCD students can use the flatbed scanners in the Orange and Green Labs during scheduled open study hours. All other ARCD students can use the network of pay-per-use Pharos multifunction printers or "MFPs" across the USF campus.
  • no thinner than 65 g/m2 or 18-pound / Note: Some tracing paper is thinner than this. We will not feed tracing paper into the scanner unless we're certain that it's thick enough.
  • no thicker than 0.8 mm or 0.03 inches / Tip: That's about the thickness of a stack of 8 sheets of standard 20-pound copy paper.
  • opaque or translucent material
  • not film or other backlit material
  • not cling or adhesive material
  • flexible, not rigid
  • flat and of uniform thickness
  • free of staples, paper clips, Post-it notes, loose tape, and other attachments

You will need a USB (version 2 or 3) flash drive or hard drive (and cable) formatted with an "MS-DOS" filesystem.*

* Both Windows and Mac computers can format and utilize drives with an "MS-DOS" filesystem. Learn how to format a disk with an MS-DOS filesystem using Disk Utility on a Mac.

Take your originals and your USB drive to the lab monitor in the Green Lab (Cowell G25) during any drop-in scanning period in the schedule below:


  • Scanning Drop-In: Green Green Square
  • Open Study: Teal Teal Square