content last updated 11-06-2018


An XARTS Labs account is required to log into lab computers and, by extension utilize lab resources. The Department of Art + Architecture grants an account to any student that meets one or more of these criteria:

  • currently enrolled in a lab-eligible Art + Architecture course (list varies from semester to semester)
  • a junior or senior who is majoring or minoring in Design
  • a junior or senior who is either majoring or minoring in Architecture, or has completed a digital architecture course in a previous semester: CADD 1, CADD 2, BIM & Applications, Portfolio Lab
  • employed by the Department of Art + Architecture as a Lab Monitor

If, at any point, a student no longer meets one or more of these requirements, e.g. because of dropped classes or changes to their major or minor, the department will suspend their account.

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Students may not enter a lab when a class is in progress unless they are enrolled in that class.

Open Study Hours

Outside of class time, the Orange Lab and the Green Lab are open on a set schedule for the exclusive use of lab-eligible students.

All Other Hours

The labs are closed to students except during class hours and open study hours.

Faculty and staff in the Department of Art + Architecture may submit a Lab Booking Request to reserve a lab during hours when it would otherwise be vacant.


Students working in a lab during open study hours are supervised by a member of our illustrious lab monitor crew – student employees of the Department of Art + Architecture supervised by the Director of A+A Technology.

Lab Monitors receive the following perks:

If you're interested in joining our crew of lab monitors, contact the Director of A+A Technology. The prerequisites for being a lab monitor are:

  • student in good-standing
  • a minimum of two remaining semesters before graduation
  • a declared major or minor in the Department of Art + Architecture
  • current or past enrollment in a course within one of our computer labs


Only faculty, staff, and lab monitors who are teaching in, working in, or administering a lab during the current semester have One Card access.

Other than lab monitors, students do not have One Card access to the labs.

The Director of A+A Technology is responsible for authorizing, granting, and revoking One Card access to the labs.

For inquires regarding One Card access to other doors in XARTS, including the exterior doors, contact the Art + Architecture Program Assistant(s) in our front office, XARTS 007.