content last updated 12-18-2018


A lab user requires an account unique to the Department of Art + Architecture, and separate from their myUSF account, to log into our lab computers. We call this account your XARTS Labs Account.

Each semester, the Director of A+A Technology automatically creates XARTS Labs accounts for lab-eligible students and faculty, and upon request for any faculty, staff, or student staff affiliated with the department.


The Director of A+A Technology continuously audits student records, activates XARTS Labs accounts for lab-eligible students, and notifies them via e-mail.

A student who attempts to add a lab-eligible course after classes start and is otherwise not lab-eligible, will receive their XARTS Labs account only when their name appears on the official enrollment list.

Meanwhile, if needed, instructors can assign the student a shared, temporary guest account. The Director of A+A Technology sends the user names and passwords for these temporary guest accounts to labs instructors via email at the start of each semester.


New XARTS Labs accounts have the following credentials:

  • User Name: same as your myUSF user name
  • Default Password: sent to you in a "Welcome!" e-mail from the Director of A+A Technology when he activates your new account

See the topic, "How do I change my XARTS Labs account password?", on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage to learn how to change your default password.

Heads up! Your XARTS Labs account and your myUSF account are separate accounts. If you change your password in one account, it does not change in the other.