content last updated 10-31-2022


To log into a computer in any XARTS Lab, enter your myUSF user name and password at the login screen.


If you are in one of these groups, your myUSF account will have full lab access when you log in; if you're not in one of these groups, your myUSF account will have guest lab access:

  • undergraduate students majoring or minoring in AHMS, ARCH, DSGN, or FNAR
  • graduate students in MUSE
  • students enrolled in any course coded ART, ARCH, or MUSE
  • faculty, staff, and student lab assistants affiliated with the Department of Art + Architecture


feature Full LAB ACCESS? guest LAB ACCESS?
Settings and files saved to the computer retained at logout Yes 1, 2, 3 No
Print to lab printers Yes No
Print to USF Pharos multi-function printers (MFPs) using Dons Dollars Yes Yes
Personal XARTS Network Drive with webspace and SFTP access Yes No
Priority access to lab resources during open study hours Yes No 4

1 The contents of your Downloads folder and your Trash are deleted at every logout.

2 Files and settings on a computer will be automatically deleted if you don't log into that computer again within 21 days.

3 Computers aren't infallible, and neither are people. Your files are your responsibility. Always back them up to a personal storage device.

4 In other words, users with guest lab access may be asked to give up their computer if the lab fills to capacity.

WHEN do I RECEIVE full lab access?

The Director of A+A Technology periodically audits student records, grants full lab access to eligible students, and notifies them via e-mail.

What happens if I no longer qualify for full lab access?

If you no longer qualify for full lab access at any time for any reason, you can continue to log into lab computers with guest access, but the files and settings you’d previously saved on lab computers, as well as your XARTS Network Drive, will be automatically deleted. These files and settings are not recoverable.

What if I'm trying to add a course that qualifies for full lab access?

The Director of A+A Technology grants full lab access to students in qualifying courses once their name appears on the official enrollment list. Until then, they may log into lab computers with guest lab access.