Protecting Your Data

content last updated 10-10-2018


Get in the habit of periodically pressing [Command] + [S] to save your document. (Power outages are not unheard of on the USF campus...)


Instead of repeatedly overwriting a document every time you save it, periodically save a copy of it and add a date or version number to the end of the filename e.g. "My Project", "My Project", "My Project" etc. That way you can revert to an older version of the file if you accidently make an irreversible mistake.


The files in your XARTS Network Drive and on lab computers' internal hard drives are not backed up by XARTS and could be lost in the event of user error, severe hardware failure, or other catastrophe. Therefore, it's good practice to periodically backup your critical files to a personal storage device.


When you finish using an XARTS Lab computer, don't forget to log out of your user account. If you don't, any other lab user can walk up to the computer you were using and access your entire home folder and network drive.

Heads up! Your files aren't secure until the computer screen returns to the login window; that is, until it displays the username and password fields for the next lab user. So don't immediately walk away from the computer after you select the "Log Out" command. The system might require you to take some action before completely logging you out; for example, the system will always ask if you want to save changes to open files.