Security and Accountability

content last updated 10-09-2018

  • Only use lab printers for Art + Architecture coursework and activities.
  • The computers in the labs are not encrypted. Never save data to lab computers that the university deems "sensitive" or "confidential" as described in the USF Information Classification policy document.
  • You are responsible for all activity that occurs on a lab computer while it is logged in under your account. Never share your user name and password with anyone other than your instructor or the Technical Director and always take care to completely log out of a computer when you're finished.
  • Never download or accept copyrighted material that you have not legitimately purchased, rented, or licensed. The Department of Art + Architecture will fully cooperate with investigations into violations of this policy.
  • Never copy applications or fonts from an XARTS Labs computer to another computer or personal storage device. This amounts to theft and the department will address violations accordingly.