Problem Resolution

Due Process And Grievance Procedures

CAPS adheres to the written procedures outlined by our Due Process and Grievance Procedures for the effective resolution of problems, disputed evaluations, and problematic behavior.  Interns are informed of these procedures during Orientation, receive a copy during the first day of training, and are also encouraged to further review these guidelines and procedures.

Dismissal from the training program involves the permanent withdrawal of all agency responsibilities and privileges.  Either administrative leave or dismissal would be invoked in cases of severe violations of the APA Code of Ethics, or when imminent physical or psychological harm to a client, staff member, or other trainee is a major factor, or the intern is unable to complete the training program due to physical, mental, or emotional illness. The Senior Director makes the final decision about dismissal or administrative leave in accordance with University policy.

Intern Rights And Responsibilities

Each CAPS staff member and Intern has the responsibility to foster an environment where the right to be treated with dignity and respect is preserved.  Please review the Intern Rights and Responsibilities document that outlines rights and responsibilities critical to the functioning of our internship program.