Interviews and Offers

Interview Preparation

Interview Questions

After the Interview: Offers

  • The Second Interview
  • Evaluating Job Opportunities
  • Negotiating Salary & Benefits
  • Decision Time
  • Sample Acceptance and Decline Letters
  • *NOTE: To renege on a job offer is to not follow through on your acceptance of the offer.  Reneging on a job acceptance displays a lack of ethics on the part of the student. In the business world, when you agree to do something, the expectation is that you will follow through on that promise. You owe yourself and the people expecting you to join their ranks the professionalism you displayed in the interview.  Reneging on an offer could have repercussions, as recruiters talk to each other and this could affect your reputation on the job search market.  If you would like to discuss your personal situation, please contact our office to meet with a counselor.

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