Audio, Video and Multimedia Production

Audio Video Media Production

Our audio video multimedia developers work with faculty in our approved programs to produce professional-grade audio and video pieces for their courses, including talking-head videos, interviews, interactive lecture recordings and podcasts. We shoot on-location and in our recording studio - Studio 106 - located in Malloy Hall on main campus.

Peer coaching Video

For Program Planning and Evaluation, a course in the Masters of Public Health program, a former student shares her expertise and offers guidance to current students on how to approach the final group project for the class.  Click to view the Peer Coaching Video.

COURSE introduction video

Jodi Collova, an instructor for the Tax Research course in the online TaxLLM program, introduces herself, orients her students to the material covered and sets student expectations for the course. Click to view the Course Introduction Video.

Program welcome video

Natascha Fastabend, Assistant Director, Graduate Tax Program and Ellen Strauss, Associate Director, Graduate Tax Program welcome their student cohorts to USF's Graduate Tax Law Program. The video offers a friendly welcome and provides key details and points of contact for their course of study. Click to view the Program Welcome Video.

Multimedia Production

Our Multimedia developers partner with faculty in our approved programs to create engaging multimedia pieces which facilitate active learning. Examples include educational games, interactive timelines, case studies and videos with embedded assessment.

New Testament Chronology

Vincent Pizzuto, Professor in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, uses a timeline multimedia lecture to describe the events of the New Testament in his course, Portraits of Christ. Click to view the New Testament Chronology.

Illustrated Case Study

Ruth Amos, Professor in the Masters of Health Informatics program, leverages an illustrated case study to showcase real-world conflicts around healthcare policies in her course, Ethics and Policy Considerations in Health and Bioinformatics. Click to view the Illustrated Case Study.

Digital storytelling

Luz Garcia, Professor in the Masters of Education Technology program, uses digital storytelling to explain how to use images to create emotionally compelling storytelling in her course, Digital Storytelling and Communications Media. Click to view the Digital Storytelling.

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