iClicker is a Classroom Response System. iClicker comes in two flavors, iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic. Click to see a quick comparison of the two software platforms .

To get started with any version of iClicker, and check out any needed equipment, please contact the department of Instructional Technology and Training at itt@usfca.edu.

iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud is iClicker’s most advanced classroom engagement solution. If you are new to iClicker, we suggest you opt for iClicker Cloud as it offers  more features, such as a GPS enabled attendance tool, a streamlined interface and a simplified installation process. Students participate in polling or quizzing using a mobile device or laptop.

If you are wary about students using mobile devices in class, you can still require them to use only an iClicker remote device and use the iClicker instructor base station along with the iClicker Cloud software to record their responses.

iClicker Cloud Instructor Resources

iClicker Cloud Student Resource

  • iClicker Reef Student Resource Guide

iClicker Classic

iClicker Classic is iClicker’s original classroom response system. It requires the use of an instructor remote, student remotes and an iClicker instructor base station running the iClicker Classic software.

iClicker Classic Instructor Resources

iClicker Classic Student Resources

  • iClicker Classic Student Resource Guide