ETS Summer Intensive Program

This May/June, the ETS is sponsoring a three-day summer intensive program for full-time and adjunct faculty to provide an opportunity for faculty to learn about instructional strategies and technologies that may address an instructional goal in one or more courses. The areas of focus will include:

  • Summer Intensive collecion of ipad, keyboard, iclicker and postits Universal Design for Learning/Accessible Design
  • Active Learning
  • Flipped Classroom

Fifteen faculty will be selected. Participants will receive a $1000 stipend, agreeing to attend three consecutive days of the Intensive from 9:30am-3:30pm, May 28-30 OR June 4-6, as well as lunchtime gatherings in August and December (luncheon dates to be determined in May/June). Workshop and luncheon participation is mandatory. Failure to complete program expectations warrants the return of the stipend.

Click Here To Request for Proposals (Deadline: April 15, 2019)

Workshop Topics:

Universal Design for Learning/Accessible Design
Active Learning
Flipped Classroom

Technologies Used:

Echo360 Classroom Capture and Personal Capture
Google Docs
Poll Everywhere
Adobe Spark

Program Expectations:

Provision of detailed application detailing pedagogical goal, its alignment with planned intensive theme/curriculum.

Attendance at our 3 day May/June summer workshop.

Required to check-in with an ETS mentor (2-3 times) in preparation for and during semester around pedagogical strategy/ed tech implementation.

Required to check-in with a faculty buddy 1-2 times in preparation for and during semester to bounce ideas around and keep each other accountable.

Willingness to complete homework prior to and during 3 day workshop.

Attendance at pre-semester luncheon and presentation (August) regarding intended pedagogical strategy/ed tech implementation plan, inclusive of how you intend to measure impact.

Use of a Canvas template that will be introduced in the program.

Attendance at post-semester luncheon and presentation (December) regarding effectiveness of planned implementation.

Willingness to do one of the following in Spring 2020 semester:

  • Develop and facilitate a faculty development event around your pedagogical strategy/ed tech implementation in partnership with ETS.
  • Be featured in an ETS case study/faculty spotlight, inclusive of providing input, quotes and being photographed/video recorded in the studio and in your classroom.
  • Develop a 1-2 page white paper/report outlining and reflecting on your pedagogical strategy/ed tech implementation which could be published on the ETS website and shared with the USF community.
  • Partner with ETS in applying for and, if successful, participating in the 2020 Steelcase Active Learning Grant (proposals due Feb 1, 2020).

For questions, email