Graduate Student Academic Showcase

Celebrate the Research of USF Graduate Students

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) annually hosts a Graduate Student Academic Showcase to highlight graduate students' research and other work. This is the only graduate student event that aims to highlight and showcase the diverse array of academic and scholarly works for graduate students from all of the academic schools and colleges.

Event Details

April 2022 | Location TBD

The Graduate Student Academic Showcase is open to all USF community members.

Research Submissions

Submission deadline: First week of April 2022
Graduate students have the opportunity to showcase their academic and creative projects in this annual end-of-year celebration. Projects may include academic poster presentations or visual and creative works. Students are encouraged to present projects from past and current classes as well as research from thesis, capstone, and dissertation projects. Individual and group projects will be accepted. All presentations must be submitted as videos. 

Student Organization Awards

Application deadline: Last week of April 2022
Graduate student organizations (GSO) and GSO advisors have the opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments throughout the year and their contributions to graduate student engagement at USF. Awards will be presented at the Graduate Student Academic Showcase. For more information, visit this page