The University of San Francisco is committed to the development of a strong and viable social fraternity/sorority system on campus.

Through extension efforts, the Greek Expansion Committee is charged with ensuring that the expansion of the fraternal community occurs in a manner that supports the educational mission of the University of San Francisco. This approach provides maximum opportunity for successful and meaningful and rewarding experiences for students within the social fraternity/sorority system.

The ASUSF GREEK COUNCIL is currently closed to expansion with no future plans to open the process. Thank you for your interest.

All applicants must meet the requirements of the Council's applicant process listed as follows.

Duties of the Petitioning Organization

Provide a current, written request expressing the desire to establish a group at the University of San Francisco, accompanied by documentation and supporting materials by the inter/national organization. The Expansion Committee reserves the right to not schedule a group for expansion if all aspects of requested materials are not provided.  

Provide the following materials to the Expansion Committee, for review and possible invitation to make a presentation.

  •   Alumni information
    • Total number of alumni in the Bay Area.
    • Detail the level of interest and willingness of Bay Area alumni to support establishing a chapter at USF.
    • A list of specific alumni who have already indicated interest in working with the chapter in an advisory capacity. Chapter advisors must live within a 50 mile radius of USF’s campus.
    • Nearest alumni club/organization/graduate chapter.
  • A copy of the fraternity constitution/bylaws, both inter/national and local
  • A copy of the following inter/national policies:
    • Hazing policy
    • Sexual assault policy and program
    • Alcohol and substance abuse policy and program
    • Scholarship policies and program
    • Documentation of an internal judicial process for holding members accountable who violate organization, university or state and federal policies
    • Membership education policy and program
    • Recruitment and membership intake policy and program
    • Leadership development and officer transition programs
    • Advisor training and development programs
    • Chapter accreditation process/standards for chartered chapters
  • A detailed explanation of the inter/national organization’s philosophy around contact and partnership with the host institution
  • Establishment procedures and standards for chartering a chapter, including the minimum expectations of colony for existence and chartering
  • Anticipated timeline for USF chartering, including a detailed description of the organization’s recruitment plan for the next 4 semesters
  • A plan for maintaining regular contact with the ASUSF Greek Council and Student Leadership and Engagement during the chartering phase
  • Statistical information on inter/national strength:
    • Total number of chapters nationwide and distribution area
    • Total number of chapters and colonies in San Francisco and West Coast regions, specifically name each as well
    • Total number of colonizations during the past five (5) years, including where, number chartered, number failed (reasons behind closures)
    • Two (2) Campus Based Letters of Reference from recent expansions
    • Total number of initiated members
    • Total number of new chapters anticipated to be established elsewhere in the same year and where, include timelines for each
    • The number of chapters lost during the last three (3) years, including where, when, and why
    • Average size of chapters on campuses similar to USF
  • Information on national support and assistance:
    • Number of traveling consultants, description of program, and commitment of time for USF group, if applicable; if not detail similarly how a USF chapter of your organization will be supported developmentally by your inter/national organization
    • Advisor program, specific to a potential USF Chapter
    • Description of National staff assistance to newly chartered groups and established chapters
    • Description of conventions, leadership schools, or programs available to establishing members
    • National expansion budget, and percentage allotted to USF group
    • A summary of the organizational structure of the organization at the chapter and inter/national levels
  • An explanation of the inter/national organization's mission and values statement with an explanation for how the colony/chapter will remain connected to those values during their tenure at USF
  • Expanding organizations should articulate a plan for how they will create positive relationships with other chapters and with key constituents across campus/community
  • The vision and goals for the new chapter should be described in detail, including a description of how these goals were formulated:
    • Short term goals (while still a colony/new group)
    • Goals for within two years of chartering
    • Vision for three to five years for the colony/chapter, including at a minimum: membership numbers; campus involvement; community involvement; academic standards; leadership development/membership education initiatives; commitment to diversity
    • Long term vision, five to ten years
  • If a group is returning to campus or from a disciplinary action, describe the following:
    • reasons why the chapter left campus, and when
    • detailed plans to avoid a similar occurrence or infraction
    • details of how the group has cleared up any debts or penalties still left incomplete from when previously on campus (if applicable)