Pillars of Excellence

Individually and through Greek Council, organizations and their members are dedicated to maintaining the values and traditions of USF, while also striving to uphold Greek Council's Six Pillars of Excellence for Fraternities and Sororities.


Greek Council supports the Greek community by helping each member develop the skills, talents and confidence to become leaders in their chapters, the University, their communities and to motivate them to become leaders in the world after graduation.


Greek organizations at USF are encouraged to maintain a high standard of academic excellence; they are provided with the resources and guidance needed to succeed academically through continuous learning, moral development, and scholastic recognition. We recognize those members who are going above and beyond their academic expectations by honoring them at various events each year.


Friendship is an integral component of membership in any Greek organization and Greek Council believes in building true bonds of friendship through promoting commUNITY. Because of these strong bonds within each brotherhood and sisterhood, we make certain that each chapter adheres to the University Policy on Hazing, California State Law, and each individual’s commitment to following these high standards. In order to promote an anti-hazing environment, Greek Council plans programming aimed at building friendships, creating commUNITY, and encouraging inclusive outreach to all.


Rituals are unique to each Greek organization and they embody the morals and standards that each organization’s founders believed in when they first started the secret societies. Greek organizations are founded upon ceremonies, traditions, and rituals that each Greek community member strives to live out every day with their peers, their campus and their community.

Social Advancement

The social advancement of each individual and their chapter is an important part of the fraternity and sorority experience at USF. Greek organizations provide members with experiences and opportunities that help develop students into becoming better members of our community, our chapters, the USF community, and the world.


Philanthropy is another integral portion of being a member in a Greek organization. Philanthropic activities help sustain the guiding values that allow our members to develop a broader perspective of civic engagement. Be sure to check out each chapter at USF to read about their philanthropic endeavors and the non-profit organizations they support.