School of Management and USF Learning Outcomes

School of Management Learning Mission

The School of Management at the University of San Francisco is a catalyst for change in business, government and non-profit managerial practice. Through research and teaching that draws on the global diversity and entrepreneurial energy of our region, we educate students to build more productive and compassionate organizations. We value human dignity and integrity, open and disciplined inquiry, and a collaborative and enterprising spirit.

USF Institutional Learning Outcomes

  1. Students reflect on and analyze their attitudes, beliefs, values, and assumptions about diverse communities and cultures and contribute to the common good. (Critical Thinking)
  2. Students explain and apply disciplinary concepts, practices, and ethics of their chosen academic discipline in diverse communities. (Critical Thinking)
  3. Students construct, interpret, analyze, and evaluate information and ideas derived from a multitude of sources. (Critical Thinking; Quantitative Reasoning; Information Literacy)
  4. Students communicate effectively in written and oral forms to interact within their personal and professional communities. (Written and Oral Communication)
  5. Students use technology to access and communicate information in their personal and professional lives. (Component of Information Literacy)
  6. Students use multiple methods of inquiry and research processes to answer questions and solve problems. (Critical Thinking; Quantitative Reasoning; Information Literacy)
  7. Students describe, analyze, and evaluate global interconnectedness in social, economic, environmental and political systems that shape diverse groups within the San Francisco Bay Area and the world. (Critical Thinking)

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