BSM Assurance of Learning

BSM Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Program Goal 1 – Develop Effective and Ethical Leadership Behaviors

  • LO 1) Students will analyze the effective qualities of a leader using organizational behavior frameworks.
  • LO 2) Students will evaluate personal leadership capacities and areas for future personal growth.
  • LO 3) Students will identify and describe stakeholders across multiple sectors and connect ethical theory to stakeholder values.
  • LO 4) Students will effectively communicate orally and in writing using various mediums across diverse situations.

Program Goal 2 – Innovative & Creative Decision-making

  • LO 5) Students will create, analyze and integrate relevant quantitative and qualitative information to develop and evaluate management decisions.

Program Goal 3 - Domain Concepts

  • LO 6) Students will use accounting concepts and principles in creating and analyzing financial statements of organizations.
  • LO 7) Students will demonstrate ability to identify relevant information and apply specific knowledge and analysis skills to assess the economic value of real/financial assets or investment opportunities and make appropriate decision to create value.
  • LO 8) Students will work effectively in groups and foster positive team dynamics.
  • LO 9) Students will describe the intertwined relationship among technology, information, and the organizational structure and operations in order to assess and evaluate the core technology concepts that enable sound organizational decision making.
  • LO 10) Students will be able to identify the core concepts of marketing – price, product, place, and promotion.
  • LO 11) Students will draw legal conclusions based on sound legal analysis; identify the elements of a valid, enforceable contract and defenses to contract formation; and, understand the nature and purposes of legal remedies.
  • LO 12) Students will develop specific and actionable strategic options to enhance the organization’s position through analysis of the changes in its competitive environment, its industry/sector, and its internal resources.

Program Goal 4 - Global Orientation

  • LO 13) Students will integrate diverse perspectives (e.g. cultural, religious, economic, political, historical, geographic, environmental) in decision-making.


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AY 15-16 Assessment Reports


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