MBA Assurance of Learning

MBA Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are under revision as part of MBA redesign. The following are the current LOs and will be replaced with new LOs shortly.

Program Goal 1 – Demonstrate ability to apply theoretical constructs to “real world” applications to solve problems

  • LO 2) Practical Problems: Students will apply theory to solve practical problems.
  • LO 6) Strategic Plans: Students will formulate and execute strategic plans.

Program Goal 2 – Demonstrate effective communication and leadership skills in a business environment

  • LO 1) Fundamental Language and Skills: Students will display mastery of the fundamental language and skills of core business areas.
  • LO 5) Leadership and Communication Skills: Students will possess effective leadership and communication skills & strategies.

Program Goal 3 - Demonstrate effectiveness in analyzing ethical and societal concerns in a business environment

  • LO 3) Business Environment: Students will measure, analyze and interpret all aspects of the business environment
  • LO 4) Legal, Ethical and Social Concerns: Students will integrate legal, ethical and social concerns into business decisions.


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MBA Assessment Dashboard

AY 16-17 Assessment Reports


  MBA AY16-17 LO 1 Report ⬇

  MBA AY16-17 LO 2 Report ⬇

  BSM AY16-17 LO 6 Report with Strategic Plan Rubric ⬇


AY 15-16 Assessment Reports


  MBA AY15-16 LO 2 Report ⬇

  MBA AY15-16 LO 4 Report with Ethics Rubric ⬇

  BSM AY15-16 LO 5 Report with Oral Communication Rubric ⬇


AY 14-15 Assessment Reports


  MBA AY14-15 Report ⬇

  MBA AY14-15 LO 3 Report ⬇

  BSM AY14-15 LO 4 Report ⬇