MBA Assurance of Learning

MBA Program Goals and Learning Outcomes


Program Goal 1 – Functional Expertise and Integrative Ability

  • LO 1) Integrative Ability: Students will design a business strategy incorporating concepts from multiple functional areas.

Program Goal 2 – Leadership Communication and Teamwork

  • LO 2) Leadership Communication: Students will develop a leadership and communication style that is effective and persuasive.
  • LO 3) Teamwork: Students will inspire collaboration, and maximize collective abilities.

Program Goal 3 - Social, Environmental and Ethical Awareness

  • LO 4) Identification: Students will identify the legal, ethical and social implications of a business problem

Program Goal 4 - Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

  • LO 5) Critical Thinking: Students will challenge assumptions and establish a process to appraise competing perspectives
  • LO 6) Problem Solving: Students will interpret ambiguous information and formulate succinct solutions

MBA Curriculum Map ⬇

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MBA Assessment Dashboard

AY 16-17 Assessment Reports


  MBA AY16-17 LO 1 Report ⬇

  MBA AY16-17 LO 2 Report ⬇

  BSM AY16-17 LO 6 Report with Strategic Plan Rubric ⬇


AY 15-16 Assessment Reports


  MBA AY15-16 LO 2 Report ⬇

  MBA AY15-16 LO 4 Report with Ethics Rubric ⬇

  BSM AY15-16 LO 5 Report with Oral Communication Rubric ⬇


AY 14-15 Assessment Reports


  MBA AY14-15 Report ⬇

  MBA AY14-15 LO 3 Report ⬇

  BSM AY14-15 LO 4 Report ⬇