EMBA Assurance of Learning

EMBA Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Program Goal 1 – Leadership. Graduates will be self-aware leaders committed to collaboration.

  • LO 1) Articulate how self-awareness is central to leadership authenticity and effectiveness.
  • LO 2) Assess team performance for improved effectiveness.
  • LO 3) Communicate effectively in writing.
  • LO 4) Communicate effectively orally.

Program Goal 2 – Decision Making. Graduates will be creative problem solvers and strategic decision makers.

  • LO 5) Apply tools, models, and concepts of innovation to a business venture.
  • LO 6) Design fresh options for a product, process, system, or service.
  • LO 7) Analyze data/information to inform strategic decision- making.

Program Goal 3 - Global Social Responsibility. Graduates will be ethically and socially aware and attuned to the global environment.

  • LO 8) Assess the potential ethical implications of a business decision.
  • LO 9) Evaluate the impact of business decisions on the well being of stakeholders.

Program Goal 4 - Foundational Business Knowledge. Graduates will be knowledgeable in the foundational business disciplines.

  • LO 10) Interpret the theories and principle features of the core business disciplines – accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, business law, strategy, and operations.


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EMBA Assessment Dashboard

AY 18-19 Assessment Reports

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AY 17-18 Assessment Reports

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AY 16-17 Assessment Reports

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AY 15-16 Assessment Reports

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