MSOD Assurance of Learning

MSOD Program Goals and Competency Outcomes

Program Goal 1 – Conceptual Foundations of OD Fluency

  • Competency Outcome 1: Students will able to identify and explain the key concepts, theories and models applicable to Organization Development.

Program Goal 2 – Design and Implementation of Multi-level Interventions

  • Competency Outcome 2:  Students will be able to draw upon conceptual knowledge of the self, teams, and organizational systems to design and implement effective individual, team and/or "large-system" level changes and interventions.

Program Goal 3 - Research and Analysis for Organization Evaluation

  • Competency Outcome 3: Students will become proficient in designing, conducting, and analyzing quantitative (e.g., surveys) and qualitative (e.g., in-depth interviews) research to help inform their understanding of organizational issues so they can effectively plan and evaluate initiatives.

Program Goal 4 - Experiential Learning

  • Competency Outcome 4:  Students will effectively apply program learnings in an experiential OD project (i.e., a project with a client). This will include working with a team to draw upon their knowledge of conceptual foundations of OD; conduct research to inform their project recommendations; design and/or implement and OD intervention; and reflect upon the project process and results. 


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