MSEI Assurance of Learning

MSEI Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Program Goal 1 – Develop cadres of entrepreneurial and innovative leaders who help fashion a more humane world through the creation and development of enterprises and products that serve communities around the globe; we utilize a cutting-edge combination of academic, professional, and individualized learning methods to establish a foundation for life-long learning and career development in a chosen field.

Program Goal 2 – Accelerate the student resource-based academic and professional growth leading to a launch of new venture by building entrepreneurial capabilities and enhancing future entrepreneurial learning.

Program Goal 3 - Engage students in the Silicon Valley ecosystem through a variety of curricular and co-curricular programming and activities.

Program Goal 4 - Develop and enhance student academic and applied research in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Program Goal 5 - Promote and support the global entrepreneurship and innovation network of current students, alumni, and affiliated external partners.

  • LO 1) Review, analyze, and apply a comprehensive creativity, innovation and design tool set to business ideas, products, and services.
  • LO 2) Identify and develop key technology competencies for start-ups and enterprises.
  • LO 3) Identify and discuss the issues and develop key competencies in the areas of entrepreneurial strategy, planning, and finance.
  • LO 4) Identify and discuss the issues and develop key competencies in the area of entrepreneurial marketing, sales, and analytics.
  • LO 5) Appreciate and analyze concepts and issues of entrepreneurial leadership, management, ethics, and develop an innovative mindset.
  • LO 6) Immerse in the Silicon Valley ecosystem and develop professionally through a variety of curricular and co-curricular programming and activities, including structured internships, external client-based projects, and ongoing career and new venture mentorship.
  • LO 7) At the end of Module 3 or within 6 months following the program completion EITHER.
    • Launch a new venture, or
    • Secure a position/ new career leads with an entrepreneurial organization (e.g. venture capital-backed start-up, social enterprise, family business, not-for-profit organization, international venture), or
    • Join a competitive and upward mobility-oriented internship program.


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The MSEI Program launches Fall 2017.