MSEI Assurance of Learning

MSEI Program Goals and Learning Competencies

  • Develop cadres of entrepreneurial and innovative leaders who help fashion a more humane world through the creation and development of products, services, and enterprises that serve communities around the globe
  • Accelerate the students’ intellectual and professional growth leading to the launch of new professional careers or new ventures by building business and technical capabilities and professional experiences
  • Engage students in the Silicon Valley ecosystem through a comprehensive set of curricular and co-curricular programming and activities that introduce students to new professional and entrepreneurial career opportunities
  • Promote and support the global entrepreneurship and innovation network of current students, alumni, and affiliated external partners that enhance the professional opportunities for all
  • LC 1) Launch scalable disruptive new product or venture.
  • LC 2) Comprehensive understanding of unique  Silicon Valley workplace culture.
  • LC 3) Approach business / social problems with an entrepreneurial mindset.


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