BSBA Assurance of Learning

BSBA Learning Competencies

Learning Competency 1: Inclusive Collaboration

Students gain skills to communicate effectively, include diverse perspectives, and build relationships with others to reach common goals.

Learning Competency 2: Critical Thinking 

Students learn to critically gather, analyze, and synthesize information for the application and dissemination of knowledge.

Learning Competency 3: Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making

Students apply their knowledge to formulate clear problem statements, generate ideas within constraints, and implement the most effective solutions to achieve desired results. 

Learning Competency 4: Positive Business Impact 

Students learn how to leverage business principles to meet social, economic, and environmental needs. 

Learning Competency 5: Continuous Learning & Development 

Students develop an intrinsic interest in learning and build skills for professional growth throughout their careers.


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BSBA Assessment Dashboard

AY 21-22 Assessment Reports

 BSBA AY21-22 Domain Concepts Report ⬇

AY 18-19 Assessment Reports

 BSBA AY18-19 LO 10 Report ⬇

 BSBA AY18-19 LO 7 Report ⬇

 BSBA AY18-19 LO 9 Report ⬇

AY 16-17 Assessment Reports


  BSBA AY16-17 LO 1 & LO 2 Report ⬇

  BSBA AY16-17 LO 4 Report with Communication Rubric ⬇

  BSBA AY16-17 LO 6 Report with Accounting Rubric ⬇

  BSBA AY16-17 LO 7 Report ⬇

  BSBA AY16-17 LO 9 Report with Technology Rubric ⬇

  BSBA AY16-17 LO 11 Report ⬇


AY 15-16 Assessment Reports


  BSBA AY15-16 LO 1 Report with Communication Rubrics ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 3 Report with Oral Communication Rubric ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 4 Report with Analysis Rubrics ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 5 Report with Accounting Rubric ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 5 Report ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 6 Report with Finance Rubric ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 9 Report ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 10 Report ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 11 Report ⬇

  BSBA AY15-16 LO 11 Report with Diversity/Inclusion Rubric ⬇