The USF Academic Calendar dates apply primarily to Arts and Sciences, Education, Management, and Nursing & Health Professions. Some dates for Law are included. 

Academic disqualification for undergraduate students constitutes termination of a student's relationship with the University for unsatisfactory academic performance. A disqualified student may not register in any of the University's courses and is denied all privileges of student status.


Academic probation for undergraduate students constitutes a serious warning that a student's academic record is unsatisfactory and that failure to improve the record will lead to dismissal from the University.

Undergraduate Students:

  • Undergraduate Students can access their major/program faculty adviser within their School/College for formal academic advising about course requirements, substitution/transfer credits, progress towards degree, and career and internship opportunities, that are specific to their major. Students can find their major/program faculty adviser information on The Student Hub. 
  • In addition to a faculty adviser in the major, all incoming undergraduate students are assigned an Academic Success Coach in The Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA). The success coach will offer the student compassionate, personalized support from orientation to graduation, while encouraging students to explore their potential and aspirations. We also work closely with faculty and staff to engage in academic interventions, ensuring our students have the proper support in place to stay on track to complete their degree. CASA's academic success coaches:
    • Empower students through coaching to achieve academic success.
    • Connect students to academic programs and resources on campus designed to support their success.
    • Provide a supportive environment that promotes personal growth and the values of a Jesuit education.
    • Help students develop skills to successfully meet the demands of USF’s rigorous curriculum.

Graduate Students:

  • Graduate Students may seek advising within their academic program. Contact individual Schools/Colleges for more information.


When a student believes that their final grade for a course was unfair, the student may use The Appeal Process for Change of Course Grade to seek resolution of the matter. The burden of proving a claim of an unfair grade (e.g. discrimination, unjust treatment, or errors in calculation) rests with the student. Grades are awarded or changed only by the course instructor or through this appeals process. 

Add/Drop Classes: The registration add/drop form is for you and your adviser to use in preparing a class schedule. It is required for in-person registration. It may be used for initial registration, changes to registration (adding and dropping courses), petitioning to enter a closed class, and requesting an exception to normal grading for a course, when permitted.

Leave of Absence: Students who need to take a break from their studies for personal or other reasons, but intend to return to USF within one year, can file a Leave of Absence form with the Registrar. Filing a Leave of Absence will hold your place for one year. 

Withdrawal: If you have decided to withdraw from USF before completing your program, you will need to submit the Withdraw form to the Registrar. 

USF offers an array of graduate programs both online and at various campus locations.

USF offers a wide variety of undergraduate Majors and Minors for students to choose from. 

The Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) provides useful tips on how to declare your Major(s) and Minor(s) as well as the Explore Your Path blog site to help with major/minor and career exploration. 


New studentscontinuing students, and visiting students can access important registration information to register for classes. You can find out your class and final exam schedule, view the current academic calendar for important dates and search for specific course.

Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA): The Center for Academic and Student Achievement (CASA) is your home for compassionate academic and personal support that promotes holistic student development.

Gleeson Library: The Gleeson Library provides support to academic programs by making available the broadest possible array of learning and information resources for instruction and research support.  

The Learning, Writing and Speaking Centers: The University of San Francisco offers academic assistance to all students through the Learning Center, Writing Center, and Speaking Center. Services are free and include subject-specific tutoring, writing assistance, and communication-related support. The Learning Center also provides opportunities for academic skill development, through 1:1 coaching, group workshops, and online resources.

Student Disability Services: Student Disability Services (SDS) promotes a fully integrated University experience for students with disabilities by ensuring that students have equal access to all areas of student life and receive appropriate educational support and services to foster their academic and personal success.

The Center for Global Education is dedicated to the development of academic and immersion programs throughout the world and to the creation of an educational environment at home and abroad where students are challenged and inspired to enhance their social and intellectual awareness by exploring different cultures, lifestyles, values, and beliefs.