Jessica Siquig


Expected Graduation: May 2017 Hometown: North Shore, Oahu

Major: Mathematics

Three Words: Integrity, Spirited, Warmhearted

Why USF?

I chose USF because the academic programs, culturally focused clubs, Jesuit mission, and diverse community truly enticed me. I knew the opportunities USF had to offer would give me an amazing college experience and I was ready to immerse myself in a completely different environment. I really like how the USF core values align with the values that I embodied as I grew up. In high school, I have gained a passion for service and I knew USF would help me continue this passion and influence others to join this movement of service.

USF Involvement:

  • Hawaiian Ensemble (A culturally focused organization that aims to preserve and promote the Hawaiian culture through hula.)
  • University Ministry (Through CORE and attending Kairos, I am able to find my center, and recognize my spiritual growth as well as the importance of faith, community, and reflection.)
  • Martin Baro Scholars Program (A living learning community open to first year incoming students. MBS examines citizenship, social justice, and diversity in and out of the classroom. This academic year, we are working with the Raphael House, a private organization that service families experiencing poverty.)
  • MAGIS Emerging Leadership Program (Attending the Magis Retreat has helped me acknowledge the importance of compassion, community, congruence, and consciousness of self. Such values greatly contribute to the assets a leader possesses.)
  • Tutor at Breakthrough San Francisco at SF Day School (I offer one-on-one tutoring for underserved students and prepare them for academic success in high school and college.)

Benefits of Involvement:

Getting involved has definitely impacted my personal growth and development. USF is a very diverse school and I have met very unique and different people by understanding and gaining knowledge of the cultures and values they embody. Meeting a diverse group of students has caused me to be much more open with other people’s ideas or beliefs. I have made a lot of strong friendships through the organizations I am a part of, which has given me the ability to make more connections and build a sense of community.


The organizations I am a part of has definitely taught me innumerable aspects of the skills and assets a potential leader holds. A leader has the ability to recognize the value of community, citizenship, compassion, and consciousness of self. Leaders strive to leave a positive legacy for generations to come and inspire others to make a positive impact in the world through passion and motivation. I believe leaders are also willing to put themselves out there by getting involved in the community to help others “Be the Change” and “Change the World From Here.”

Advice to First Year Students:

Don’t be afraid to take chances and step out of your comfort zone. USF has a very welcoming atmosphere and offers innumerable programs for all students. I love the many opportunities USF offers because it’s a chance to get everyone involved so we could discover our true potential and passion in life. So take the initiative to get involved! You won’t regret it!

Favorite Place in City: Golden Gate Park

Random Fact: I love to sing and dance!