Graduate Student Senate Executive Board

Meet the 2018–19 GSS Executive Board

There are five executive officers that make up the executive board of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS). The executive board is primarily responsible for the coordination, implementation, and evaluation of all GSS initiatives, programs, and services.

GSS President

Mitch Gurick
M.S. Candidate | May 2019
Program: Organization Development 
School: School of Management 
Hometown: Hinsdale, IL

Mitch Gurick is pursuing a master of science degree from the University of San Francisco’s Organization Development program in the School of Management. Mitch was elected president of the Graduate Student Senate for the 2018-2019 academic year, and previously held the position of vice president of treasury. He graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2015 with a bachelor of science degree in business education and has lived in the Bay Area since. Presently, Mitch works at Google in People Operations to execute programs that enhance business objectives and support people to achieve excellence. Mitch dreams of immersing himself in bringing talents to serve others and positively influence and give back to the world at large. When Mitch is not studying or driving positive change, he enjoys exploring San Francisco, hanging out with friends, traveling, reading, and learning.

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Courtney Lamar
M.A. Candidate | Dec. 2018
Program: International Studies
School: College of Arts and Sciences 
Hometown: Memphis, TN

Courtney Lamar currently serves at the Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Graduate Student Senate. Courtney is a Southern Belle, born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She is in her second- year of graduate studies, working towards her M.A. in International Studies. Courtney graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana with a B.A. in Global Studies with a concentration in Global Business Administration and a minor in Film Studies with a focus in Photography and New Media. Courtney enjoys indoor cycling (ie. spinning), writing, reading, graphic design and traveling when she gets the chance. In her spare time, she plans to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities San Francisco has to offer!

Vice President of Treasury

Bikie Pental
M.S. Candidate | Dec. 2019 
Program: Financial Analysis
School: School of Management 
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Bikramjit Pental is the newly elected Vice President of Treasury serving on the Graduate Student Senate. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Seattle University. Currently, Bikramjit is an incoming student pursuing a Master’s of Science in Financial Analysis and is eager to delve deeper into the world of financial markets. He is very passionate about helping others and led a philanthropic organization called “Child Rights & You” which focused on advocating for human rights for children in India. In his spare time, Bikramjit enjoys playing basketball, traveling the world, and chatting about the economy.

Vice President of External Affairs

Riya Singh
M.S. Candidate | Dec. 2018
Program: Information Systems 
School: School of Management 
Hometown: Fremont, CA

Vice President of Mission

Annika Miyamoto
Doctoral Candidate | May 2021
Program: PsyD
School: School of Nursing and Health Professions
Hometown: Novato, CA

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have lived here all my life. I have worked in the healthcare field for the past 16 years initially as a paramedic and then as a financial counselor in an emergency department. My interest in psychology began about six years ago which is when I went back to school to earn a B.A. in psychology and then applied for the doctorate program. I have two dogs (a golden lab and a mixed shepherd) that I adore spending time with and enjoy reading.