Each student will have a 15-minute advising session with an IDEC faculty member, who also act as IDEC Advisor's, in late August. We will contact you in early August via email to set up an appointment. 

As of August 2009, the program is a four-semester, 36-unit, two-year program for full-time students.  Part-time students who take two classes per semester may be able to finish in three years.

Each semester, following your first semester you will receive an email from the OneStop office that is sent to your USFConnect email address that will tell you when registration for the following semester will begin. Follow this link to the USF Academic Calendar (the right of screen under "Quick Links") which indicates your future registration dates as a continuing student:

Yes, perhaps a quarter of our students do the program this way.  If you take an average of two classes per semester students with adequate preparation can finish the program in three years. 

It is very important to note that once you are a registered student, the Department will no longer use your personal email address to send you important email broadcasts. Therefore, you must take action to have your myUSF emails automatically forwarded to one of your personal email accounts that you regularly check, or check your myUSF email regularly.

It's easy! Log onto your myUSF account with your username and password. The information was provided to you by our Graduate Admissions Office via email shortly after you received your acceptance letter. If you cannot find this information now, then please contact USF’s ITS Department at 422-6668 for this information. 

Log on:

Once you are logged into your myUSF account, go to “email”, click on “options”, click on “settings” where you will see the “mail forwarding” field to fill in.

You must first be registered for classes before you can go to the OneCard office (located on Lone Mountain, 1st floor, room 130) to get your photo taken and your OneCard issued to you.  Bring your ID (passport for international students; state ID or driver's license for domestic students) as you will be asked to identify yourself. 

All textbooks are available in the USF Bookstore a week or two before class.

Or online: go to, log in to your student dashboard, click "self-service", click "registration", then click "buy textbooks online."  

You can inquire about the  types of parking permits via USFs Public Safety Office:

Telephone: ( 415) 422-4222

Street parking right outside the campus area is generally difficult to find Monday - Friday.