Jacques Artus Award

Every year, the Jacques Artus Award is presented to the IDEC MS student who has shown excellence in research, demonstrated continuous hard work in the classroom, and has distinguished themselves as contributors to the public good of the Economics department. 

Past awardees

Winner: Mutiu O. Fakorede


  • Juan Gomez
  • Pricila Serratos

Winner: Yibekal Tessema

Thesis: The Role of Learning Styles in the Uptake of Index Insurance: Evidence from Kenya


  • Scott Barger
  • Jeanette Silverdale
  • Dev Sahadevan


2020 Winner Ryan McWay

Winner: Ryan McWay

Thesis: Cruising Through School: General Equilibrium Effects of Cruise Ship Arrivals on Employment and Education






2020 Runner-up James Dumlao

James Dumlao

Thesis: Innovation Dynamics of Cultural Production: Evidence in  Rap Lyrics






2020 Runner up Anna Subirana

Anna Subirana

Thesis: The Role of High-Fructose Corn Syrup Imports in Child and Women Obesity

Award Winners

2019 Winner Isabel Miranda

Isabel Miranda
Thesis: The Long-run Effects of Tropical Cyclones on Infant Mortality








2019 Winner Shikhar Mehra

Shikhar Mehr
Thesis: Economic Shocks and Personality Traits of the Ultra-Poor








  • Mustafa Hisham Zahid
    Thesis: The Impact of Cleft Lip/Palate and CLP Surgical Intervention on the Social Integration of Adolescents in India)
  • Theresa Solenski
    Thesis: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Through Mentorship in Medellin, Colombia: Results from the Field

2018 Winner Charlotte Amy Taylor

Winner: Charlotte Amy Taylor

Thesis: Sweden’s Great Escape: Industrialization and the Changing Productivity Cost of Winter






  • Anjali Limbu
  • Robert MacDonald
  • Heleene Tambet


Matthew Krupoff

Thesis: Income Shocks and the Acceptance of Intimate Partner Violence in Indonesia

Berenger Djoumessi Tiague

Thesis: Agricultural Technology Adoption and Adaptation Strategies Under Climate Change: Micro-evidence from Niger


  • Miranda Lambert
  • Daniel Salicath