Bullet Points / Accomplishment Statements

Bullet points, also known as accomplishment statements, are written proof of your results, achievements and successes from your past jobs, plus show prospective employers what you can do for them. They are the heart of your resume marketing campaign so it’s important to write them thoughtfully.

  • The goal is for each statement to highlight an achievement
  • These achievements allow you to discuss your relevant skills with employers 

Formula for Writing Your Accomplishments as Bullet Points

Action Verb + Object + Context + Results

  • Action Verb: planned, initiated, coordinated, etc. For current positions the action verb should be in the present tense, i.e. analyze. For past positions the action verb should be in the past tense, i.e. analyzed
  • Object: planned a meeting, initiated a program, etc.
  • Context: interesting detail – who you did it for; time frame; number of people; size of budget; size of caseload; type of issues/population, etc.
  • Results: the bottom-line effect of your effort. Quantify results whenever possible. For example: Increased customer satisfaction 60% by implementing new software, resulting in $5,000 additional revenue for department

Examples to turn job responsibilities into accomplishment statements:

  • Original statement: Managed a web page and an email distribution list
  • Accomplishment statement: Designed a homepage and an email distribution list to make information on upcoming events more accessible; efforts resulted in a 20% increase in member participation at club events
  • Original statement: Responsible for grant writing
  • Accomplishment statement: Wrote 32-page review of existing research that formed the rationale for requesting and winning a $2,000 marine biology research grant

Questions to get you thinking about your accomplishments:

  • What problems did you solve?
  • Did I save the company money?
  • How did I stand out among coworkers?
  • Did I ever consistently exceed goals?
  • What did I do above and beyond my normal job duties?
  • Did I win any awards?