Cancellation and Substitute

Class Cancellation

Faculty are expected to be present at all scheduled class sessions during the semester in the modality indicated in the schedule. An absence, whether anticipated or unanticipated, should never result in a class being cancelled or moved from in-person to remote modality without approval of the Department Chair.  Adjunct faculty should inform the Department Chair and/or Program Coordinator of the need to be absent from class and work out a way for the class to be covered. Class cancellation and/or rescheduling a class should only occur under extreme circumstances.

  • Moving course to remote: If you have received permission from your Program Coordinator and/or Department Chair to move a course session from hybrid or in-person TO remote in Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Intersession 2023 or Spring 2023, please complete this form for our records.  Also, be sure to email Carole Vineyard ( and cc your Department Chair and an Associate Dean.

Substitute Teaching Policy

It is important that all faculty, full-time and adjunct, inform the Department Chair or Program Coordinator of the need for a substitute to teach a class session and the name and contact information for the substitute. The Department Chair or Program Coordinator approves the request and submits the required information to Ramona Valencia for processing compensation to substitutes.

USF Adjunct

Updated policy: 9/10/22: If an adjunct faculty is not going to be able to teach a class, for some reason, the adjunct should enter an absence for that day in Workday:

  • USFWorks account: Homepage -> Absence -> Request Absence -> Submit
  • Under the Absence Type field, they would either choose "sick time", if they have sick time, or "unpaid time" if they do not have sick time.
  • Adjunct faculty can accrue up to 72 hours of sick time.


Non-USF Employee

If the substitute is a non-USF employee, the individual would need to complete a request for honorarium form and a W-9 form. The Department Chair or Program Coordinator as well as appropriate Associate Dean would need to sign and approve. Both forms would then be given to the SOE Budget Manager to process for payment through Accounting. The pay is determined using the same information listed above.