Directed Studies

Directed study courses are designed for students’ special educational needs, which are not met by the available curriculum. Directed studies are usually only done with full-time faculty, but on occasion adjunct faculty have been asked to do so. A “contract” must be established by the student and the faculty member describing the content of the course, basic requirements, unit value, methods of evaluation, and schedule of meetings.


To enroll in directed study courses, students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Students may take up to two directed studies in one semester but only with the approval of their advisor and an Associate Dean and only if it is within the allowed number of directed study units (9 units for Doctoral students and 6 units for MA students). A petition for directed study (in addition to the regular registration form) must be signed by the student, the faculty member grading the study, and one of the Associate Deans. All copies are filed with the USF One Stop Office at the time of registration.