All faculty are required to use Canvas for their classes. Canvas is an educational software platform that provides a user-friendly environment for on-line teaching and learning. It is web-based, which means that any time or place that you have an Internet connection, you (and your students) may connect to the on-line classroom. Any other web-based resources must be linked through Canvas. Canvas enables faculty and students to communicate and collaborate through threaded discussions, document sharing, online file exchanges, e-mail messaging, and even real-time chats. It allows instructors to use the Internet to extend the face-to-face classroom or to offer a totally on-line course without having to master HTML.


Canvas includes course management features such as:

  • Posting of files like a syllabi or PowerPoint presentations
  • Easily integrating multimedia third-party tools
  • Viewing grades for students
  • Submitting assignments electronically (with the option of using TurnItIn)
  • Contributing to asynchronous discussion forums
  • Viewing course statistics to help track student participation

Please also note that the Gleeson Library can make electronic copies of “articles to be put on reserve” that you can place on Canvas for your students, instead.

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Workshops to introduce professors to Canvas are held monthly in the Center for Instruction and Technology.

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