Classrooms and Room Reservations

All classrooms in the Hilltop Education Building are comfortable and furnished with standard equipment, including laptops and overhead projectors.

In order to access the classroom laptops, Keys to Smart Classrooms can be obtained from the Help Desk in Lone Mountain North, 2nd Floor, Gleeson Library, or McLaren 100.

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Smart Classrooms

Most classrooms at USF are Smart Classrooms. These are technology enhanced classrooms which include projectors and other AV technologies aimed at enhancing learning and academic achievement. The Classroom Technology team is part of the Information Technology Services’ support of the USF community. Their role is to provide and support technology use in delivering instruction to USF students.

For more information visit the ETS Learning Spaces and Media Services pages.


For multimedia presentation needs or use of a “smart classroom”, please contact:
Dr. John Bansavich, ITT Director

To use a “smart classroom” in the Hilltop building contact:
Carole Vineyard, SOE Associate Director, Student Services

Requests for all other classroom equipment should be made through the USF Instructional Media Office, x6646.

Report an Equipment Issue

To report equipment problems at the Hilltop Campus, missing equipment or repair in classrooms or offices for the Hilltop Campus, please contact:
Carole Vineyard, SOE Associate Director, Student Services

To report equipment problems at any of the additional campuses, please contact the additional campuses office manager, see our Contact Us page for more info.

Change a Class Time or Location

Changes of class meeting times and locations create hardships for students and should thus be kept to a minimum. In the event a change of classroom is required, faculty must first consult with their Department Chairperson or Program Director.

Special Needs

For students with disabilities or special needs, faculty should contact:
Student Disability Services
Gleeson LL 20
ext. 2613

Unauthorized Sites

Please note that for safety and liability reasons, it is not advisable to conduct classes at unauthorized sites (e.g., private homes). Also, although prospective students are welcome to come and visit classes (this should be arranged through the Office of Admissions and Outreach), prospective students or other individuals are not allowed to audit classes.

Meeting Reservations

  • Hilltop ED 105
    This room is used for regularly scheduled School of Education meetings with the Dean and can also be made available to faculty. It must be reserved through Lenna Onishi, the Dean’s administrative assistant,, x2108.
  • The Commons ED 118/119
    These rooms are located in the North wing of the Education Building and can also be used for faculty meetings or departmental events and should be reserved through the Program Manager for the Associate Deans x2081.
  • ED 202 and ED 226
    To reserve these rooms faculty should contact their Department Program Assistant.
  • Work or Study Room
    It is possible for undergraduate and graduate students to reserve a work or study room in the Gleeson Library. The Library has 29 rooms available for group study and discussion. Group study rooms are for undergraduate and graduate student use only; rooms are not available to faculty, staff, or law students. Reservations must be made online.
  • Additional Campuses
    Meeting space at additional campuses is generally limited. Please contact the appropriate office manager to reserve a meeting room.

If you need to change the set up of a classroom, please make sure to put it back at the end of your class not only out of courtesy for colleagues and students but also for fire code reasons. A picture of the room configuration is posted in each classroom.