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The Learning Spaces and Media Services departments are dedicated to supporting and enhancing our learning environments to meet the needs of our faculty and students.

We design our AV presentation technologies, manage all projects for installing and renewing our AV infrastructure, provide recording solutions for classroom lectures and live events, and provide services for digital media conversions and media streaming.

November E-News Articles

Automated Video Transcripts Coming Spring 2019

Learn About the Airtable System

Automated Video Transcripts Coming Spring 2019

Updated: October 22, 2018

We are excited to announce that in this upcoming Spring 2019 semester, we will be rolling out a new solution for automatically generating video transcripts. Echo360, our platform for lecture capture, will be adding the ability to generate video transcriptions. 

Echo360 has partnered with Amazon to bring us the powerful speech recognition technology that is available in their Echo products, which they have titled Amazon Speech Recognition. Students and instructors will be able to view these video transcripts directly within the video player.  

These new features will provide significant benefits to the community, including a pathway to affordable closed captioning, improved learning, increased accessibility, and simplified search and navigation. ASR transcription enables a scalable and cost-effective way to make all videos searchable and accessible.

Additionally, the results from a search are easy navigation links too. You can search for a key term in a video and click through the search results to go to each moment in the video where that term appears. This form of navigation should be invaluable to students as they study important concepts in a course. Instructors and students will recognize immediate benefits of ASR in the Echo360 platform.

Learn About The New Airtable System

Updated: October 22, 2018

ETS is very happy to announce a new resource that provides virtually every detail about our classroom environment. Using the new Airtable system, information on classroom capacity, student furniture, AV and computing technology, and other details are easily accessed along with high resolution photographs.

By default, you can browse the classroom inventory building by building. You can also click on any room for a larger and more detailed view. However, using the pre-built filters provides a way to find rooms based on exactly what you may be searching for. Looking for a list of computer labs? Rooms with wireless AV capabilities? Classrooms with Echo360 lecture capture technology? All of these and more are available in the Classroom Inventory pull-down menu.

Hilltop and classrooms on the additional campuses are available now, and work is in progress to provide the same information for our conference rooms. Please feel to visit this new tool.