Class Scheduling

Class scheduling is done with student needs in mind, which implies making sure there is a balance of courses offered within and between departments, and also a balance of courses offered between terms. Faculty can always check course enrollment data by checking with their Program Assistant, or directly viewing the class list on Banner via myUSF.

Requesting a classroom space

Please note that classroom scheduling is handled centrally by the University, as classroom space is in high demand. Neither Full Time nor Part Time Faculty may request specific spaces. If there is a legitimate academic need for a space (such as technology/lab courses that require a computer lab), these requests should be submitted via the Program Assistant or Program Coordinator (depending on the department) as soon as the offer to teach a course has been accepted. If a faculty member has a disability or needs a particular instructional space due to a medical issue this must be filed through HR so that we can accommodate the needs of the faculty member.

Additional campus locations

Students at additional campus locations are pre-scheduled for the entirety of the individual program. These meeting times and dates fulfill all unit hour regulations and must be adhered to for accreditation purposes.