Class Attendance


Refer to your department and program for student attendance policies. Unregistered "guests" including children and pets may not attend.


absence from class

Faculty are expected to be present at all scheduled class sessions during the semester. However, faculty who find themselves unable to attend their regularly scheduled classes due to illness or personal emergency must follow the procedures below, depending on whether the absence was anticipated or unanticipated:

Anticipated Absence

Any anticipated absence from class (for example to attend a conference) must have prior approval from the Department Chair or Program Coordinator who, after approving the request, must inform the Associate Dean for final approval.

Anticipated absences should never result in class cancellation, unless under extreme circumstances. The faculty must work with the Department Chair or Program Coordinator to establish a plan to cover the class session by having another faculty member teach the class or by designing a virtual learning opportunity.  Anticipated absences should not exceed 10% of total course hours.

Unanticipated Absence

If unexpected circumstances prevent an adjunct faculty from making it to class (such as illness or sudden emergency), they must immediately notify the Department Chair or Program Coordinator. If sending an email is possible, the Associate Dean should be copied on it.  Any special instructions for the students should be shared with the Program Assistant. The Department Chair and/or Program Coordinator should discuss with the faculty member a viable plan to provide a substitute for the class, if there is time to implement one. If a substitute is not possible, the faculty member (or Department Chair and/or Program Coordinator given the circumstance) should arrange for a make-up session.