Ordering Books

Deadline for ordering books are:

  • Fall Semester: May 1
  • Spring and Intersession: November 1
  • Summer sessions: April 15

The information below is from Greg Dreikosen, Course Materials Manager, USF Bookstore:

It is very important that we get as many orders as possible by [the dates above], as it can greatly impact the amount we can give students for their books when they sell them back at the end of the semester, gives us time to source used and rental inventory to give students as many affordable options as possible, and helps to avoid unexpected availability issues.

Please keep in mind that many students receive some form of scholarship or financial aid and can only use those funds through the official campus bookstore. While a book may be available elsewhere, if the bookstore is not informed of the text ahead of time it can put those students at a disadvantage. We are happy to place individual special orders of books for students, but it takes time (and often research) to determine availability of titles and obtain copies, especially at the busy and all-important start of the semester.

Submitting a Book Order

There are multiple ways that book orders can be submitted:

  • Online at the USF Bookstore. At the bottom of the page, select "Online Adoptions" under "Faculty Services". Log in or set up a new account. First time users will be asked for a store-supplied password during the registration process. It is 0864.
  • By email to Greg Dreikosen at bookstore@usfca.edu or gdreikosen@usfca.edu. (Please do not use the older 'textdept@usfca.edu' email address, as it is no longer active and will not be received.)
  • Download and/or print theĀ course book adoption forms from the USF bookstore website, make any desired changes or additions, and send (or bring) it to Greg at the bookstore.