Residence Hall Fire Safety

Depiction of a messy dormroom filled with potential hazards.


Examples of Dorm Fire Hazards

Tampering with fire safety equipment is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to: fire extinguishers, pull stations, smoke detectors, sprinklers, exit maps and fire exit signs.

Smoke detectors must not be covered or altered for decorating. Students are not permitted to tamper with, disable, or destroy smoke detectors or other fire safety devices and equipment. Fire safety equipment should only be used in the event of a real fire emergency.  Students should remember that fire exits are for emergency use only.

Those found in violation may be subject to a $250 fine. In the event of a fire alarm, residents who do not immediately evacuate the building will be fined $250 and are subject to civil prosecution as well as University conduct action.

For more information on Student Residential Policies, check the Fog Cutter's guide on Student Conduct:

Images of Dorm Fire Hazards