Digital Accessibility Badge

This is an ongoing program to hone your skills in digital accessibility. To being, you will select five classes from our training registration form under the Accessibility section.  After you have completed all five classes, you will have to complete three final projects. For project ideas, you can scroll to the bottom section of this page, or consult with your instructors.

Successful completion of this program will be awarded a digital badge.

Contact if you have questions about this program.

Learning Outcomes for the program

Badge for Digital Accessibility Program

  • Demonstrated ability to remediate documents (Word/PowerPoint/PDFs)
  • Successful completion web accessibility Canvas course
  • Identify accessibility of Canvas course documents
  • Create closed captioning of streaming videos (YouTube)
  • Edit closed captioning of streaming video
  • Create a transcription of a recorded video

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Criteria for completing the Digital Accessibility program and earning a badge

Complete all five classes in this track:

  • Captions and Transcription for Video and Audio
  • Creating a More Accessible Canvas Course with Ally
  • Create Accessible Documents using Word, PPT and Google Doc
  • Introduction to Make PDFs Accessible using Acrobat Pro
  • Web Accessibility (New Self-Paced Course)

ComPLETE Final Projects (choose 3):

Here are some project ideas:

  • Completed accessibility of a Canvas course (green dials >80)
  • Remediated a PDF file
  • Remediated a Word file
  • Demonstrated completion of Web Accessibility Canvas course (including assessments - quizzes)
  • Completed captioned video