Digital Badges for Students

ITT is currently offering two digital badges: Technology Proficient and Data Analysis to assist students in meeting technology goals. Complete five workshops and several assessments to earn a badge to showcase on LinkedIn and your resume.

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Why Do I Need a Badge?

Earning a digital badge is a representation of your accomplishment or skill in a specific area.  Showcase your badge on LinkedIn or your resume to strengthen your job search or share with your friends on other social media.

Communication and Collaboration Badge

Earning a Communication and Collaboration badge indicates the following competencies:

  1. Communication and Collaboration badgeAbility to create stunning webpages using Adobe Spark Page that transforms words and images into beautiful stories.
  2. Ability to communicate via Zoom video conferencing for online meeting, chat, and collaboration.
  3. Create PowerPoint presentations that stand out with beautiful design, rich animation, cinematic motion, 3D models and icons.
  4. Proficient in using Poll Everywhere to engage and interact with audience in real time at a conference, in the classroom, or anywhere with internet connections.

Pick from this list of our Communication and Collaboration workshops:

  • Adobe Spark
  • Zoom Web Conferencing
  • PowerPoint Basics
  • PowerPoint Advanced
  • Poll Everywhere

Data Analysis Badge

Data Analysis Proficient badgeStudents participating in this track acquire the technology skills in quantitative analysis, from simple data entry to the development of interactive data visualizations, that will provide hidden insights for better decision-making in a variety of industries.

Earning a Data Analysis badge indicates the following competencies:

  1. Proficiency in Excel as demonstrated by knowing how to input and manage data entered into worksheets; the creation of formulas and functions; and the ability to format worksheets appropriately for reporting needs.
  2. Ability to create and conduct research analysis using Qualtrics through the creation of online surveys  and reports for a particular target audience.
  3. Create and present your own Tableau dashboards that will help with the presentation of Key Performance Indicators to your audience in a more efficient and professional manner.

Pick from this list of our Data Analysis workshops:

  • Excel Intermediate
  • Excel Advanced
  • Qualtrics
  • Tableau Basics
  • Tableau Intermediate
  • Tableau Advanced

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