USF in VR - Virtual Reality Application

menu screen in USF in VR


USF in Virtual Reality is a collaborative effort between ETS (Educational Technology Services) and three students in CS490 Senior Team Project to create a Virtual Reality Application that can provide a fully-immersive and enriched experience of visiting the USF campus and learn its Jesuit values and history. 

USF in Virtual Reality, an application viewed by wearing a VR headset(Oculus Go), can enable users to participate in a virtual tour to visit different locations of the beautiful campus in 360-degree video and learn about the interesting facts and historical background of the university.

During the virtual tour, users will be fully surrounded by high quality narration specially curated by renowned historian emeritus, Alan Ziajka and Mark Mir, Archivist from the Ricci Institute. The final version of the virtual tour will incorporate motivational background music to highlight the appreciation of the Jesuit values and mission of USF and also provide interactivity that can showcase successful academic innovation through the implementation of the latest technology by USF students.

Call for Participation: Prototype Testing - September 2019

Currently, the prototype is available for an individual or small group testing session and we are seeking participants to try this app and provide feedback.

If you are interested in providing feedback in one hour testing session, please sign up using this form (Select date/time from the list).

All testing sessions will meet in Gleeson Library GL14. If you are unable to come to this location, an alternative location could be arranged. Please indicate the possible location in the form when you sign up.

More to Come

We are making continuous efforts to improve this application. We are planning on collaborating with senior students in the computer science department again during the Fall semester. Additionally, If you are interested in participating in the development of the VR app, please email to find out about the potential opportunity.