Laserfiche Business Process Automation

Laserfiche business process automation forms, reporting, search tools
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Laserfiche is one of the tools utilized by USF ITS to automate and optimize business processes.  Its components include electronic forms, process workflows, integrations, and file repository.

Identify opportunities for process automation within your work team that meet some or all of these requirements

  1. Current paper or static electronic forms (PDFs, Google, webform, etc.).
  2. Automate sending of email, doing data entry, and assigning approval tasks currently done by hand in response to submitted web forms.
  3. Automatically generate and send reports about web form process activity.
  4. Requiring review and sign-off by faculty and/or staff.
  5. High monthly, annual volume of forms submitted.
  6. High effort (time) involved submitting and processing current forms.
  7. Benefit from being stored electronically with access security in place.
  8. Note: Surveys are best developed in Qualtrics instead of Laserfiche.

Examples of Current Laserfiche Forms in Use at USF

Help and Support

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