Panopto Lecture Capture and Video Management

Panopto is the university's lecture capture and video management platform to record live class sessions in selected classrooms as well as record lectures and instructional videos on your own computer.  Currently, the video platform with the screen capture options are available while the classroom capture will be migrated from Echo360 over the course of the year.

How to Access your Panopto Account 

Every faculty, staff and student has access to the USF Panopto account to record and share content; you can sign in to your account through the myUSF Dashboard or directly on the USF Panopto site at

Documentation and Tutorials

You can sign up for training from ETS for both the introductory course as well as the advanced training on our ETS training registration page.  The courses are listed in both the Teaching and Learning and Communication and Collaboration sections.

USF will have a retention policy for recorded and uploaded videos in Panopto. You can read about the policy in the knowledge base article shown below:


Retention Policy for Lecture Capture, Recorded Video Content, and Video Uploads (KB15200)

The full Panopto support site for the USF account has a listing of the basic frequently used articles as well as a search field for articles on specific topics and tools.

There are a variety of ways to add content to your Panopto Library whether by screen recording or uploading existing video and audio files.