Turnitin is a tool to help students avoid plagiarism and improper citation. It is only accessible through Canvas; once instructors configure a Canvas Assignment for Turnitin, students submit directly to the Canvas assignment and a similarity report is generated.

How to Use Turnitin in Canvas(New!)

A June 15th Canvas update brings back one-click Turnitin Plagiarism integration for Canvas assignments. Instructors can enable Plagiarism and Citation checking by simply choosing Turnitin from the Plagiarism Review dropdown box  while configuring the Canvas assignment. Students submit their paper as a normal Canvas Assignment and access the Turnitin Similarity report within Canvas.

This current integration now allows instructors to use Turnitin with

  • Canvas Group and Peer Review assignments
  • Assignments with multiple due dates for multiple students
  • Assignments that require multiple file uploads

It also supports

  • Re-submission of papers after the due date
  • Instructors submitting papers through the Student View
  • Direct use of Canvas rubrics
  • ETS Grammar Check

At this time the integration does not support use of Turnitin Studio QuickMarks.  This, however, is slated for a Fall 2018 release. If you need to use QuickMarks now, you can continue use the Turnitin Canvas LTI external tool method to evaluate student submissions in Turnitin.

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