How to Use Turnitin in Canvas

Turnitin is a tool to help students avoid plagiarism and improper citation. Instructors can enable Plagiarism and Citation checking by simply choosing Turnitin from the Plagiarism Review dropdown box while configuring the Canvas assignment. Students submit their paper as a normal Canvas Assignment and access the Turnitin Similarity report within Canvas. All normal Canvas assignment features, such as Rubrics, Group and Peer Reviews, multiple dues dates and submissions are available with the Turnitin assignment. AI Detection is now available for Instructors only through the Similarity Report. Please see the Turnitin AI Detection section below on how to get started with the tool.

Instructor Resources

Similarity and Originality in Canvas

Turnitin AI Detection

How to Submit Existing Student Papers Directly to Turnitin

If you are an instructor and need to submit a paper directly to Turnitin outside of a Canvas assignment, please contact itt@usfca.edu


Here are a few documents from the Instructor Guide that may help you set up the Turnitin Assignment as well as navigate and manipulate the generated similarity report once students submit their work. Click here for the Full Turnitin Instructor Guide

Assignment  Setting Options Explained Working with a generated Similarity Report
Store submissions in... Interpreting the Similarity Report
Compare submission against... Viewing similarity matches
Customizing the Similarity Report Viewing sources
Setting Similarity Report availability Generating a new Similarity Report

Student Resources

If your instructor has enabled your Canvas Assignment to be evaluated in Turnitin, you will just submit your assignment as usual. The Similarity report will be generated automatically.

New! Turnitin Draft Coach (students)

The Turnitin Draft Coach provides students the opportunity to run their Google Documents through the Turnitin Similarity, Citation and Grammar checkers before submitting the final document in Canvas.

The Turnitin Similarity Report

More Student Resources from the Full Student Guide...