Generative AI Features in Zoom

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ITS is beginning to evaluate various AI tools and features, including those available in current software tools used at USF such as Zoom. Two GenAI Zoom features, Meeting Summary and Smart Recording, will be available to the USF community beginning November 1st, 2023.  Both of these features have been reviewed and found to comply with ITS’s security, privacy and accessibility requirements.

Zoom is now leveraging AI to help you be more productive in your meetings and recordings! Zoom introduces AI Companion with two features available to enable in your USF Zoom account. Each of these features will require that you enable them in your Zoom account before they are available to use. Instructions for doing this are available later in this article.

Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary in Zoom will use AI to generate a summary of the audio in the meeting to be edited and shared after the meeting. Once enabled, click on the Start/Stop Summary button in Zoom to begin/end the meeting summary. Meeting Participants will see a notification regarding the meeting summary being enabled (see below). After the meeting has concluded, a Meeting Summary report is emailed to the meeting host. The Meeting Summary includes the main discussion topics organized in the order in which they were presented. The meeting summary is also available within your USF Zoom account under the Meeting Summary with AI Companion section.

Start summaryMeeting summary with AI Companion is on panel

Smart Recording

Smart Recording for Zoom Cloud recordings will not only produce a transcript, but also a general meeting summary as well as chaptering with individual summaries and next steps. Once enabled, click on the Record, Record to the Cloud button to begin the process. Meeting Participants will see a notification regarding that the Smart Recording may be enabled (see below). The recordings will automatically be deleted after 6 months, consistent with the USF Retention Policy for Zoom and Media/Video Recordings. Access your Zoom recordings within your USF Zoom account under Recordings.

Record to the Cloud panelThis meeting is being recorded screen

Feature Comparison

Zoom AI Feature Smart Recording Meeting Summary
Admin Global Setting Disclaimer for All Turned on Yes Yes
Retention Period 6 Months None
Who Has Access to Feature Output Meeting Host Meeting Host
Zoom Storage Cloud Recording No
Meets WCAG (Accessibility) Yes Yes
Develops Transcript Yes (Cloud Recording) No

Enabling Zoom AI Within Your Account

Important: To enable both of these features, login to your USF Zoom account at and click on Settings. At the top of the page will be the new AI Companion settings. There you can enable one or both of the features, as noted in the image below.

Enabling Zoom AI within your Account by going to Settings and AI Companion tabs

Security, Privacy and Accessibility

Please be sure not to record or store information that includes Personal Identifiable Information (PII). PII includes social security numbers (SSNs), passport numbers, driver's license numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, financial account numbers, credit card numbers, and personal contact information, such as street address or email address.

View Zoom’s guidelines on How Zoom AI Companion features handle your data.

Please review the Zoom Accessibility article for more information.

If you are interested in using a software tool that incorporates AI, please be sure to submit a Technology Acquisition Request to ensure that the product complies with ITS’s security, privacy and accessibility requirements.

AI Companion Documentation and Getting Help

Please check out the following Zoom articles to see how to use each feature in depth:

For more information and questions, please contact