Waiver Criteria

Does your current health insurance coverage exempt you from purchasing the USF Student Health Plan? The following criteria must be met for domestic or international students:

  • My plan is provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States.
  • My annual Deductible is $2500 (individual) and/or $5000(family) or less.
  • My plan includes co-insurance that does not exceed 20%.
  • My plan provides access to medical care within 20 miles of my school campus. (If you are waiving with Medicaid/Medi-Cal or Kaiser, please ensure that you transfer your healthcare coverage near your campus location).
  • My plan covers hospital stays for all medical, surgical, and mental health/substance abuse conditions without limitations.
  • My plan allows unlimited doctor office visits (primary care visits) for medical and mental health.
  • In the event I terminate or lose my current insurance coverage I agree to contact USF Health Promotion Services within 15 days.

Tip: Before you fill out the waiver, please have the following information ready: Insurance Company Name, Insurance Company Phone Number, Policy Holder Name, and Policy Number for your respective health insurance plan.

Please be advised all health plans will be reviewed by the University insurance broker to ensure the plan meets USF requirements.

  • Policy must be in English
  • Health plan must be provided by a U.S based insurance company, with a U.S claims payment office and phone number
  • Policy must include accident and medical coverage (include illness/preventive care, prescription, no limit on hospital stay/emergency room except for the co-insurance and deductible)
  • Health plan must offer unlimited policy year benefit maximum
  • Deductible no greater than $300 dollars
  • Medical evacuation minimum of $10,000 in coverage
  • Repatriation minimum of $7,500 in coverage
  • Pre-existing conditions must be covered
  • Health plan must have an annual out of pocket maximum of $6,350(individual)/$12,700(family) or less
  • Includes provision for co-insurance that does not exceed 20%
  • Coverage cannot exclude benefits for perils inherent to the activities of the program in which the visitor participates
  • Plan must cover hospital stay for all medical, surgical and mental health/substance abuse conditions without limitations